Pumpkins - Make a day of it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

One of my absolute favourite things to do in October is going pumpkin picking. I went for the first time last year with Emily and we both absolutely loved it. Last year we got so lucky with the weather; clear blue skies and air that was crisp but not so cold that it was uncomfortable. The week leading up to our visit this year consisted of freezing cold showers, we even considered cancelling; we didn't though because we were so excited about it. Thankfully, Mother Nature did us a solid and put a small pause on the rain, however, it was extremely windy, which isn't ideal when you need to take a really cute photo. A fair compromise though.

This year, we decided to make a full day of it. pumpkin picking, lunch, more pumpkin picking and finally a pumpkin carving party.

The pumpkin patch we visit is at Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington and it's lovely. As well as the pumpkin patch they have a really good cafe that sells food made using ingredients from the farm, a toffee apple stand, a market, and a pumpkin carving station for kids.

The patch was so muddy because of the rain. Its safe to say that my favourite black boots are now ruined. That's on me though. I clearly didn't use my common sense. 

After we'd scoped out where all the good pumpkins were we decided it was time for some dinner. We went to the cafe at the farm and got some pumpkin soup; very yummy. I paired my soup with a pumpkin spice latte because I'm obsessed and Emily got a gingerbread hot chocolate which was amazing.

There's also a greenhouse on the farm where you can choose pumpkins that have already been picked and priced. It's also the best place to quickly find all the monster pumpkins.

This is such a shameless photo that I posed for in public. Ah well. Got to be done. It also showcases this really cute Kanken mini which is the PERFECT size to carry your essentials.

They also decorate parts of the greenhouse which is super cute and spooky. When I came last year they had tonnes of already carved pumpkins that were amazing but we came on the first day of the season this year so there weren't any yet.

The farm has loads wheelbarrows that you can use on the patch to gather your pumpkins. However, there is a strict rule that you cannot ride in them and we DEFINITELY followed that rule. I promise.
As well as our own pumpkins, we also picked up some for our friends to carve later in the day. Transferring 5 heavy pumpkins, as well as food shopping, from the car to the kitchen was very hard work. Anyway, I and Emily were joined by Dane and Liv (from our college) and my step-sister Jasmine. I had such a good night and I think the others did too. When you're in college all week and you're under so much pressure, doing stuff like this at the weekend is so beneficial.
This is Jasmine. I think she carved the best pumpkin in the end but I'm not surprised; she studies graphic design so is obviously artistically inclined. Little side note, her hair looks so cute when she throws into a bun, lol I'm not jealous.

Emily took so long to carve hers! By the time that she'd finished scooping out the insides, everybody else had finished the whole thing.

This is all of our pumpkins. Comment your favourite!
Our second project was this spooky gingerbread haunted house. Please don't be offended by the anti-christ sign as its Halloween and I'm not genuinely a satan worshiper. I bought this one from Sainsbury's.
I also took some polaroids that I love. 

I highly recommend going pumpkin picking before the seasons over. If you're local then definitely check out Kenyon Hall. Its an especially nice thing to do if you have kids. There were loads of families there and the kids get so excited. I think it would be a really nice tradition to pick up.

My favourite movies to watch in October

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Edward Scissorhands – FILMGRAB [ • ]

You know how Christmas isn't just a day, its the entirety of December? I am one of those people who treat Halloween with the same treatment. Although there are a lot more than ten movies that I love to watch during this spooky time of year, here is a small selection that I highly recommend!