Easy ways to feel more cosy this Autumn

Thursday, October 1, 2020

With the leaves and temperature falling, Autumn has definitely arrived this week. Usually, I'm super excited because I love everything about this season, but this year things are obviously not the same. I'm writing this post in an attempt to lift my own spirits but hopefully it can help lift yours too.

New Pyjamas (A/W uniform)

I don't know about everyone else but as soon as September hits I'm in pyjamas the minute I get home. It's dark outside so it must be bedtime, right?

Throws, throws, throws

Throw blankets are an absolute esential! Not only becuase it's suddenly freezing cold but also because they're most effective way to seasonalise your home decor.


An instant mood setter. Just the act of lighting my candles makes me feel cosy. There's also something quite nostalgic about autumnal candles too, but maybe thats just me.

What to watch

More rain means more time spent cuddled up watching movies (or binging tv). This is my small selection of cosy, autumnal feeling movies and tv. I made the executive decision to exclude halloween-y movies.

Add a scarf 

Not only is it going to keep you warm, it's going to elevate your autumn looks. Its been a big year for scarves - from the scarf top trend to the classic bandana - and I can't imagine Autumn/Winter being any different.

-Millie M

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