Culture in lockdown

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Van Gogh Starry Night - The Painting and The Story
There’s no reason why being on lockdown should mean going without your favorite cultural activities. In this post, I've rounded up some of the best ways to get your dose of culture without even having to change out of your pajamas.

Play the art critic 
MoMA's Art Treasure, No Longer Buried - The New York Times
One of the best things I've discovered recently is Google Arts & Culture. It allows you to explore hundreds of art galleries all around the world from your phone. Not only can you enter street view to really explore the museum, but you can get a better view of the art than you could ever do in real life. For example, I took a tour of the MoMA in New York and zoomed right into Van Goghs 'The Starry Night', to the point where I could see all of the individual brush strokes.

Join a virtual film club
Craig's Wife (Theatre) - TV Tropes
Even under normal circumstances, I spend a huge proportion of my free time watching movies, so you can only imagine how many I have watched the past couple of months. Carol Morley, a British director and screenwriter, has started a virtual film club on twitter. Every Friday she picks a film, usually lesser-known, that can be accessed for free online. After the film, she hosts a discussion on Twitter. If you're interested in discovering new films I highly recommend you check it out. 


Take a trip to the zoo
Elephant Odyssey at the San Diego Zoo | My Family Travels
If you're looking for something a little less high-brow, take a virtual trip to San Diego Zoo, a world-leading constitution when it comes to conservation. On their website, they share 24/7 live streams of the animals, including baby elephants Kaia and Zuli, as well as a nesting penguin colony. 

Enjoy a bit of theatre 
Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag stage show available to stream ...
It's going to be a while until we next get to soak up some live theatre, but in the meantime, there's plenty online to keep you going. For example, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's performance of Fleabag at Wyndhams Theatre is now available to stream on Amazon Prime for £4, all proceeds going to Covid-19 charities. If that leaves you wanting more, you can currently stream both seasons of the BBC adaptation on BBC iPlayer.

Become a fashion expert
moma fashion as design - Musmun
Perhaps you want to be a little more productive? MoMA are currently offering a range of free online courses. I'm currently enrolled in the Fashion as Design course which uses 70 pieces of clothing and accessories as a jumping-off point for a study of the nature and meaning of fashion. Alternatively, they also have courses in modern art, the history of the photograph and post-war painting.