Incredible black-owned fashion businesses in the UK

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Nubian Skin press launch

There are so many ways that you can support the Black Lives Matter movement at the moment, whether thats donating, signing petitions, or using your platforms to amplify black voices (to be clear, you should be doing all of that). In this post, however, I am going to be focusing on how you can support black-owned businesses by shining a light on some awesome online stores in the UK that are owned by incredible black entrepreneurs.  

Nubian Skin 

What they sell: nude lingerie, hosiery and swimwear designed for POC

COCOA by NS Brief

"My nude isn't the nude I see in shops. Despite the reality that women of colour have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery, the industry simply doesn't cater to us. So, I thought, its time to rethink the definition of nude"
-Ade Hassan MBE, Founder

RZR Denim

What they sell: one-off pieces made from recycled vintage denim

RZR Denim is a high-end bespoke, sustainable denim brand founded by creative Maria Pearl, who since 2014 had been fringing and altering her own denim. Due to popular demand and constantly being asked to customise personal pieces, she saw a gap in the market for the distinct technique she had mastered, it was time to share this with the world. RZR Denim prides itself in creating one-off, unique pieces, using recycled vintage denim and reworking each piece by hand. Giving the garment a new lease of life and a more aesthetically pleasing or trend-led outcome. Everything from customised denim jackets, jeans, short and skirts to accessories are all designed and made in a London-based studio.
What they sell: attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics 

Established in August 2016, Kai Collective is a London-based womenswear brand founded by fashion and travel blogger, Fisayo Longe. With a deep passion for women and equality, KAI seeks to create clothing for multi-dimensional women who embrace their feminity in all its various forms. Through clothing, we communicate with women and inspire that extra dose of confidence. Fisayo established KAI after 5 years of building an online presence through her blog. Now, she travels the world sourcing the best fabric, seeking design inspiration, and meeting ethical manufacturers to collaborate with. 

Sincerely Nude

What they sell: nude clothing for all skin tones 

"I noticed that I could never find any nude clothing close to my skin tone whenever I went shopping or even browsing online. This realisation became somewhat frustrating as I noticed it everywhere I went. Ive always loved fashion and it felt dear to my heart to be part of the change I wanted to see in the world. From a discussion to fruition. Sincerely Nude wants to empower women to feel beautiful and sexy in their skin tone, no matter what shade or size"
-Michelle Asare, Founder


What they sell: unique and affordable pieces

"The SODAH Girl comes in all shapes and sizes and loves what she puts together no matter what anyone says. She is fierce, formidable and inspiring and carries confidence like a crown on her head. If you're not afraid to show a little skin then this is the brand for you. This brand was founded in March 2020. The brand is the brain child of a young woman who has just always wanted to design and then finally one day decided to do just that. The key to SODAH is unique, quality pieces that turn heads. Break boundaries without breaking the bank. We create stylish unique pieces for the babe who knows its better to be overdressed than to be underdressed"

SF Jewellery

What they sell: beautiful jewellery inspired by African culture 

"Stylefixx Jewellery is the number 1 destination for exclusive luxury accessories, from dainty necklaces to bold, detailed chokers established in 2015 in London, England. The majority of our products are designed  and made in the UK by a trusted team of individuals who carefully assure our products are of a good standard, our fabrics are hand-selected by a team of designers who are strongly inspired and influenced by print and African culture"

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