What I will be doing whilst on lockdown

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As of yesterday, the country is officially on lockdown due to COVID-19, which, for those of us lucky enough to not work in the NHS or any of the other essential workplaces, means a lot of time spent at home.

This is how I intend to fill my days during the lockdown:

Disinfecting the house

Both my mum and my stepdad work in the NHS so my house isn't able to fully isolate. Every day,  I'm making sure to disinfect EVERYTHING and I would suggest that everyone does the same. Even if everyone in your family is self-isolating, you're still going out to the shops.

Things to remember to clean:
  • remote controls
  • light switches
  • cupboard and drawer handles
  • taps and flushes
  • door handles
  • phone cases
  • knobs/buttons on the oven, stove, microwave, toaster, etc.

Learning French

I downloaded Duolingo about 2 weeks ago when I first started social distancing. What I really like about Duolingo, as opposed to other methods, is that you can approach it as more of a game. With the streaks, leadership boards and levels, I'm finding myself becoming quite invested. I don't see myself becoming fluent anytime soon but even knowing a little bit of a language is useful.

Learning to video edit  

This was one of the major things I wanted to try and learn in my newfound free time. I have so many little videos from holidays that I've been on that I've been wanting to make into fun, little 'vlogs' for so long. I have already finished and posted the montage of my trip to Paris last August and that can be found on my Instagram page. I've been using iMovie and found it to be a really simple platform for a beginner like myself.

Doing at-home workouts

I have put on so much weight the past month. Being away at uni was making me depressed and when I get depressed all I do is eat, sleep and cry. Now I'm home I'm doing a lot better so nows the time to knock those extra pounds off. After all, I need to fit into my jeans, not like I can go out and buy bigger ones. 

My cousin, Courtney Hubbard, is a personal trainer. Due to the lockdown, she is starting to post workouts that you can follow from home, as well as live streams so that you can follow in real-time.


More specifically, wall art. When I moved to uni, my little sister took my bedroom, so now I'm home I'm in her old room and the decor isn't really my vibe. I have a bunch of black frames that I bought last year with the intention of doing a bit of feature but I never got around to it so... you see where Im going with this. I've got some big pieces of card and a calligraphy pen and I'm just going to see Pinterest and my own creativity takes me. 

Watching movies and binging series'

I already started a list of movies that I wanted to watch so I'm planning to smash through that.  I have also started That 70's Show. Not to mention that Disney Plus premiered in the UK today! I've started watching all the old Disney Channel shows I used to love when I was younger and it's so fun. I also absolutely LOVE Disney Documentaries and there are plenty of those to work through.

Looking after my friends and family

This is a really hard time for a lot of people. If you have parents that are still going to work, look after them. Make sure the house is clean, make them a brew when they get home, cook the dinner. For those that are still in work, this is an incredibly stressful and taxing time. The family and friends you don't get to see right now, call them, text them, FaceTime them. Make sure they're doing okay.  

This is going to worse before it gets better. That is a fact. Please, if you're not out saving lives or making sure we can still buy our essentials, do your part and stay home. People still trying to live their normal lives out with their friends are being selfish and they are embarrassing themselves. All that being said, look after yourselves and others, be responsible and try to stay positive.