Everything I wore in Paris

Friday, September 6, 2019

Paris is one of the most stylish cities in the world, perhaps even the most, so I felt the pressure to put together a few cute outfits. Not every look was incredible but I felt pretty incredible anyway. Here is everything I wore whilst on the trip and where you can buy it!

Who doesn't love a good monochrome moment? Especially with a red lip!

Dress // Boots // Belt // Bum bag // Beret // Red lipstick

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Cabaret just screams leopard print fur to me for some reason...

Jacket // Beret

Breakfast by the Seine in the colours of France. No other way to do it.

Dress // Sandals // Beret

I ain't a princess but it's nice to fake it every now and again.

T-shirt  // skirt 

My original outfit was abandoned because I could not take another full day out in a skirt in 34-degree heat. So this was a last-minute emergency outfit.

Toy Story t-shirt // Cullotes // Trainers

This was at 1am after an entire day at Disney Land. Still 1000% more magical than I could have ever imagined.

Top // skirt

I louv(re) this outfit so much! I felt so chic.

Shirt // Skirt // Boots // Beret 

Both my dress and my belt are from Tesco and I'm not even slightly ashamed because I felt good as hell in this outfit.


This was at the Ariana Grande show so the outfit is pretty self-explanatory (it was awesome by the way)

T-shirt dress // Ponytail extention  

Pink Floyd meets Disney princess

Pink Floyd t-shirt // skirt // boots