Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I lead quite a busy life and I struggle to keep up with my blog. It is an accumulation of my job, my college
work and my crippling affliction: procrastination. Not to mention how hard it is to format a blog when you
have no idea what you are doing; this usually leads to me just getting stressed and not wanting to write
another post ever.

I wish I had not been so busy the past two months because I love Christmas and could
have probably put together some amazing posts. I had such an incredible December, if you don’t include all
the hours I spent stuck behind a till asking “would you like a bag please?”.
I went to London with my mum for a couple of days. I finally got to see Hamilton on the west-end; anyone that knows me will know that i have been in love with Hamilton for basically 3 years. I could write an
entire blog post on why the show is so special but I’m sure it is nothing that has not already been said a
million times. We also went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park and that exceeded my expectations by
a mile. It was incredible, so incredible in fact that when I got home I organised a day trip for the following
week with Emily. That was also an amazing day. My Instagram is flooded with photos from London and
I love them. It was my first time seeing London at Christmas time and it really did stun me.

My 2018 was truly amazing. I got to see so much of the world and spend so much time with my family
and my best friend. I obviously had a few low points but they were mostly insignificant. In years to come
I will look back at 2018 and smile so hard at all the memories I managed to squeeze into 365 days.

Here is a brief, not so brief, overview...


  • Indoor skydiving (15/01)
    This was my birthday present from my dad. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it at all but it was so much fun. I would highly recommend trying it. The feeling of genuinely flying is insane.

  • I got a million bruises from go-karting (19/02)
    We went go-karting for Jasmines birthday. It is so insanely fun once you really get into it. I got such an adrenaline rush. I ended up with such a nasty collection of bruises though.

  • I fell down the stairs at the gym and got a life long scar on my right knee
    I just kind of sat at the bottom of the stairs at the gym crying because I was pretty sure I'd smashed my knee in. Then I had to limp all the way across the gym into the changing rooms so that I could call my mum to pick me up. fun.

  • I nearly froze to death taking photos in the snow (01/03)
     Me and Emily would do anything for an aesthetic gram or two. This honestly nearly killed us both. We finally gave up when we couldn't move our fingers anymore.

  • I got highlights
They went brassy and, long story short, I now have little strands of green in my hair that I doubt I will ever get rid of.

  • I bought a pair of sunglasses from COACH which I thought were the best things ever (28/03)
  • This was taken on the beach in Whitby.
  • Treated my mother to a spa day for her birthday (23/04)
    I got my first ever massage on this day. I almost had to stop her it hurt so much!

  • Said hello to the baby of the year, Ayva-Mae (24/04)
    This is the daughter of my step-sister, Sasha. 

  • I went to the Taylor Swift stadium tour (08/06)
    This was way too expensive. I was practically on the back row. It was still awesome though. 

  • I went to Formby beach with my dad on Fathers day (17/06)
    This was a really beautiful day. More like this please, 2019.

  • I dressed up like a 90s bitch and went to a screening of Clueless (14/07)
    Pretty sure that both me and Emily would say that this was one of the best days of our 2018. I found the outfit accidentally a couple hours before the screening whilst I was returning some stuff for my mum. It was basically fate. We both got so many compliments from random strangers that day.

  • I worked a music festival at Belvoir castle (20/07)

One of my dad's friends has a wood-fired pizza trailer that they tour festivals with. The past two years me and Jasmine

have worked for them over the summer.

  • FriendsFest (08/08)
    Emily doesn't actually like friends but I still made her come. It was kind of the perfect event for us... Photo opportunity after photo opportunity.

  • I lived alone for a week while house-sitting for my auntie

My auntie went on holiday and asked me to stay at her house to look after her cat and dog. I had some really good

alone time.

  • I worked another festival at Castle Howard (18/08)
    This was another job with the pizza trailer. That weekend I saw the proms, Nile Rogers and Chic, and Il Divo.

  • I strolled around Cambridge (22/08)
    This was the first stop on my tour. We only stopped for a couple of hours but it was lovely. Cannot my best friend will be living here in less than a year!

  • I stayed in Folkestone
    We stayed here for the night because its near the euro tunnel. It's kind of a seaside town but not very nice at all.

  • I rode the Eurotunnel (23/08)
    Its so incredibly daunting knowing how deep underwater you are. However, its a train that you drive onto and an hour later you get to just drive off it and straight onto the French motorway. Can't complain.

  • I fell in love with Annecy
    I don't think I have ever instantly fell in love with a place quite like the way I did when I got to Annecy. It is incredible. Its nestled in the alps by this huge, bright blue lake. The streets are lined with classic french restaurants, patisseries and market stalls.   

  • I drove across the Swiss Alps and met a bunch St Bernards.

    Whilst driving from France to Italy, we stopped in the middle of the Swiss Alps at the historic St Bernard sanctuary. 

I spent 6 days exploring all Tuscany had to offer.
This picture was in Florence outside the Duomo. I went to Florence once with my family and then alone a couple of days later. It's incredible. We also went to Siena, San Giminiano.

I partied all night and slept all day whilst in Cyprus.

I don't have many photos from nights out in Cyprus really. Just a lot of really stupid videos of us dancing.

  • I watched my dad get married.
    It was such a beautiful wedding by the beach. Even better than how I imagined it.

  • I started my blog.

  • Tonnes of autumnal photoshoots.
    You can definitely tell that its mine and Emily's favourite season. And also that we are both total Instagram trash. 

  • Picnic’d in the park
    We made a tonne of Halloween gingerbread cookies and took to the park to take advantage of the bright blue skies before winter really kicked in.

  • I went pumpkin picking.
    This was our second year at Kenyon Hall. Me and Emily love it! I have a whole blog post about this day if you happen to be interested.

  • I adopted my puppy Sally. (22/10)
    The actual love of my life.

  • I dressed up as Blair Waldorf for Halloween. (31/10)
    The definition of a low key halloween costume. People loved it!

  • Crapped myself at Spooky world (02/11)
    This was so much scarier than I thought it was going to be. Well, not scary, more jumping out of your skin kind of scary. Also, not one but two actors attempted to wipe my eyebrows off... My eyebrows are naturally that full!

  • I booked my first grown-up holiday to Paris

August 2019, me and Emily will be taking Paris by storm. I am so excited!

  • I saw Matilda: The Musical

My mum took me and my little sister. Its a really great show and I would highly recommend it.

  • Visited Manchester Christmas markets twice.
    The actual stalls are pretty crappy. I just like the big bavarian bar at the town hall!

  • Saw Wicked in Manchester.

I've loved wicked since I was 13, this was my second time seeing the show. I went with my friend Mitchell

from College.

  • Went to a screening of Elf (09/12)
    This was at the same place as the Clueless screening. There were carol singers there so it was super festive. Also, I'm pretty sure I was sat next to someone from Love Island...

  • Went to Winter Wonderland twice.
    This puts the manchester markets to shame. It really is an actual wonderland.

    Y'all know how obsessed I am with hamilton. It was everything I had hoped for. My heart was pounding with excitement the entire first act and then I cried the entire second act.

  • I learnt to ice skate
    On my first attempt, I just dragged my self round the side and only kind of picked up a slight technique. The second time I actually figured it out. I can't exactly whizz around the rink or anything but I can move away from the side.

  • Last, but not least, I got absolutely SLOSHED on NYE.

Me, Emily, Jasmine and Joe had a mini party. SO! MUCH! DANCING!

I have some amazing things already lined up for 2019. It should be a pretty incredible year.
 I have no idea where I will be this time next year. Will I be studying for my winter uni exams? 
If so, where? Or will I be in a job after choosing the apprenticeship route? I literally have no idea. 
I am going to become a legal adult. I’m just so excited to see even more of the world and make
 even more memories with the beautiful people in my life.