My Autumn fashion inspiration

Friday, September 28, 2018

Autumn is my favourite time of year for style. The weather, for me, is perfect. I love to layer my clothes and in Autumn I get to start doing that using scarfs, cardigans, and obviously coats. The weather is also not too cold to wear skirts, which are a huge staple in my autumn wardrobe. Autumn also has the most gorgeous colour palette! I get a lot of my style inspiration from Pinterest (follow me!) and also from my favourite bloggers.

My absolute favourite blogger is Noelle Downing. Her style is beautiful all year round but she really does shine in autumn.

I love this outfit in particular. I am obsessed with this dress, especially paired with that beret. The bag is also gorgeous but I think its a little out of my price range.

I also love this more spooky look she did recently. This top is perfect for October; however I believe its from Modcloth, who unfortunately don't ship to the UK. Seriously though, she is serving LOOKS this season.

Check Noelle out:
Her blog

Another one of my favourite bloggers is Rach Martino, who is basically a modern day Carrie Bradshaw. I love her style so much, however we have quite different body types so a lot of what she wears i probably wouldn't get away with. I reckon I could pull something similar to this off though. I really love her coat and boots.

Check Rach out:
Her blog

This Steffy, also a blogger, and she too thrives in autumn. Her Instagram feed at the moment is BEAUTIFUL. I love this orange polo neck jumper and plaid skirt. It is very very cute.

Check Steffy out:
Her blog

Here, Lucy Hale is wearing a very similar one which i also love. She wears in a much more casual and slouchy way, but looks very chic.

I got the next two from pinterest and cant find the people wearing them.

I love this brown look. It gives me strong 90's vibes. I need to find some replicas!

I wish me and my bestie were killing it this much. I cant decide which colour jumper I like the most; they are so pretty!

Also, serious 70s vibes, right?

Finally, me and Emily actually looked quite cute last Autumn when we went pumpkin picking. I love this outfit and have no doubt it will be making a comeback in the near future. I need to find an even cuter outfit for this years trip to the pumpkin patch. I've definitely got plenty of inspiration!

My Dads Wedding

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

On the 7th of September, Me and 20+ of my family/might as well be members packed our suitcases and travelled from Manchester all the way to Coral Bay, Cyprus. It was a 10 day, all inclusive holiday with my Dad and Step Mums wedding marking the half-way point. To say that those 10 days were TOTALLY INSANE would be an understatement. When you're younger, you interact with people a lot differently, but being on this holiday gave me the opportunity to actually talk to people that in the past I've seen as "grown ups" and whom have seen me as a kid properly as a young adult. As a result, I feel closer with my Dad, my Auntie, my Nan, practically everyone that I was with. I know that it’s a holiday I’ll remember for the rest of my life and I love my dad for giving me that.
My polaroid by the sea in Paphos. as you may be able to see, Jasmine decided to stick her finger in front of the camera lens whilst she took it. I took A LOT of polaroids whilst in Cyprus but I have very few that actually worked out. The lighting during the day was obviously crazy bright so most of my photos are overexposed.

Again, in Paphos with Jasmine. I bought us these super yummy ice creams. I had a scoop of pistachio and scoop of Lion Bar whilst Jasmine had cherry and Kinder Bueno. It was actually a total disaster though because they just melted really, really fast in the heat. The weather was like 32 degrees celsius so really, I should of thought twice but I was so hot! 

From left to right: a pig, my handsome Father, my gorgeous Nan, my beautiful Auntie. Seriously, my Bridesmaid dress really wasn't flattering for me. It was so tight and as a top-heavy girl I just bulged. Not to mention, I could barely breathe.

This is Willow. She's my Aunty Corina's daughter. She's almost Three now which I find totally insane. I shared a hotel room with Corina and Willow which was very testing. Not because of Corina obviously, but because of Willow. A combination of her age, the sun, the late nights and the unfamiliar bedroom made her very, very cranky and prone to tantrums. Sticking Toy Story on proved to be the perfect antidote. Willow absolutely loved the pool. It seriously warmed my heart to see her so happy.

This photo looks candid but I assure you it was not. We were driving back down a mountain into Coral Bay after an amazing day out when we pulled up on the side of the road to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful. So many photos were taken. Its so lovely to look back at them now that I'm home and remember how breathtaking it was, especially when i was surrounded by my family.

Willow was also ecstatic at this little bird cage. 

This is a photo of me and Sasha hanging out in the kids pool. Me holding Sasha's daughter Ayva and and Sasha holding Willow. When I saw this photo once I was home i remembered that when Sasha was getting in, she thought the pool was a lot more shallow than it really was, so as she stepped in she totally fell. Once I established that Ayva was above water and unaffected, it was hilarious. As you can see, I soon took the baby to avoid any further accidents.

This is Willow and her small, creepy doll that my nan bought her in Paphos. She named her 'Little Willow' and developed a strange attachment to it.